PSP2 coming next week

PSP 3000 Core Pack - BlackMultiple sources support PSP2 sure this next week.
Although there is no news to any of it. From the mouths of all concerned. However there are many sources of news sources for the verification and ongoing support that Sony will be launching its PlayStation Portable handheld game second edition comes out on January 27 this certainly

The source is one of Bloomberg News reported the news. Was to hear from a famous source 2 source, which knows more about Sony's plans show that Sony has been Planning to launch its portable game PSP2 comes out officially this week. In a press conference. Sony will also reveal strategies to be used in entertainment such as network sharing, games, movies and music within the same portable device players, TVs and other devices as well. And may also include more detailed information for a device that is coming in the future, called PSP Phone which is usually. Sony usually does not come out to comment about the announcement coming out of  the possible To occur. But the news leaked from various sources. Cause to believe that. Such news is likely to be true.

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