KINECTS Games 2011

Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures!
KINECTS games for 2011 are very good with the Xbox controller KINECTS new KINECTS games are much more severe restrictions. The first games of 2011 KINECTS is to go on sale Feb. 8

with brain and body due to release February 8, 2011 and includes 20 mini-games designed to test the mathematical skills of the players, memory, reflexes and other functions. For example, One of the game has the player leaves the field matching pairs of shapes, while another requires players to use their weapons to solve the small cars on the road deviations in the color-coded titles. You Do not Know Jack, Available February 8th, 2011 is one of the original party games for your mobile host Cookie Masterson. Quiz game was popular in the host's comments disrespectful and offensive responses

Dance Paradise seems to be another dance game well, but a kind somewhat different for the two other dance games KINECTS published. A new dancing game based on rhythm and music that offer fun and challenges for everyone from beginners to queens and kings of dance. This is due on February 15, 2011. Dance Paradise

March 15, 2011 Fantastic Beasts begins with a cat, dog, horse, lizard and can transform into different creatures like unicorns and dragons. Using KINECTS driver to control his movements and voice commands will change the environment,

Sony Get Fit With Mel BGet fit Mel B is due to be released March 15, 2011. Kinect This game is a complete gym created the famous Spice Girl Mel B, together with health experts in the foreground. The program uses the latest Sony's Move, which allows one-on-a fitness experience like no other.

Child Of EdenMarch 29, 2011 is due to release of Children of Eden - special effects and spectacular visual effects look amazing in this game.

We also have the experience of Michael Jackson - will be real 12thth April 2011, when this game release and will feature a series of memorable hits, including the capabilities of motion capture system and microphone functionality KINECTS allow dancing and singing, as Michael did.

So this is just the first months of 2011 and tells kinect games, of course, not so much more.If want to see the video trailer of these games, thanks got the Future Kinect Games in 2011, and a preview of them.

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