Guideline To Backup Wii Games Legally

You are an expert player Wii? Yes, I think you are and you have a lot of dollars to pay for Wii games. And I think the problem after playing the Wii, right? The game discs are scratched more and more dependent on the time to play, and lose forever the Wii games because they are badly scratched. You can protect the surface of the disk? No, I can, but you can avoid this problem if you know how to backup Wii games.

Wii Console with Mario Kart Wii Bundle - BlackGuideline To Backup Wii Games Legally
Illegal: Copy Wii games to sell or distribute in any person.
Legal: copy Wii games, but for the particular game, Wii does not create backups for commercial reasons.

The guideline for Backup Wii Games Legally
Wii burning software downloaded from the Internet at this time, make sure the software can be used with Wii games. You may not use the recording program is designed for general DVD movie or music in general, must have specific software designed to record with the Nintendo Wii.

Wii Fit Plus with Balance BoardWii Download Program Recording
After installing the software on your PC, open the program, then print the original Wii disc burner. At this stage, the program is full protection of copyright in the original Wii (which is why the Nero Burning cannot be used). The data are copied to your PC.
Remove the original disk, insert the blank disc, the program will save Wii games on the blank disc. And instead you can play Wii backups of your original.

Wii Hardware Bundle - RedHowever, the point is that software reliable backup Wii games?
First, highly recommended not to use the program free to download, you should know that the good things that are not free in the world. Free software Wii damage the disc and lose it forever.
Personally, I recommend one of these four programs (see below), then this software have proven to four Wii players worldwide, which work very well for Nintendo Wii games burned.

Finally, if you know how to backup Wii games, I hope you keep your favorite game and enjoy playing Nintendo Wii forever, do not wait until the zero next to the disk, which can cause the Wii to lose unit ever.

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