The Zodiac Spear For Final Fantasy VII Tips

Zodiac Spear is the strongest weapon in Final Fantasy VII, but it is not useful if it is not correct. It may not be easy to imagine. This article reveal tips on how to get the Zodiac Spear for your final fantasy character.

Tips on Getting The Zodiac Spear For Final Fantasy 12

Author: Ahmad Abdullah
If you've been playing Final Fantasy series on your PS2 for a while, you must have had the urge of upgrading your characters' weapons as soon as possible. Having the ultimate weapons is a dream for every Final Fantasy player. Although it is not crucial in winning the game, it just feels great to have the best weapon for every character so that killing every enemy will be a breeze. In Final Fantasy 12, the last installment of the series on PS2, the strongest weapon happens to be a spear named the Zodiac Spear.

There are two ways to obtain this weapon. One method can be used to obtain it at quite an early stage of the game, while the other requires you to wait a bit longer.

For the first method of obtaining the Zodiac Spear, there is a rule that you have to follow or else you this method will not work. You must not open four specific chests from the beginning of the game until reaching the Necrohol of Nabudis where the spear is located. The four chests are:

1. The chest in front of Old Dalan's place at the southern end of Rabanastre Lowtown.

2. The chest in the Rabanastre Palace Cellar. Do not open the one at the southeast corner of the map. There will be either one or two chests that may appear there. To be safe, don't open any of them.

3. The chest in the room at Nalbina Dungeons where you regain all your equipment back. There are more than one chest in the room so to be safe, just don't open any of them.

4. The chest at the eastern-most section of the Phon Coast. There are 16 chests there arranged neatly near the shore. Don't open any of them.

After you've resisted the urge to open these chests, the next is finding the Zodiac Spear which is located in the Necrohol of Nabudis. At the early stage of the game, do not fight any of the enemy here or you'll die instantly. The strategy is to run as fast as you can while evading any of the attacks.

Once you enter the Necrohol of Nabudis, run for your life until you reach the Cloister of the Highborn. You can check the map to know where you are. From where you come in, take a right turn and then the next left. Run along a corridor heading north then take the first left. There should be 16 chests in this room, one of which contains the Zodiac Spear. The Zodiac Spear chest is the second chest from the left in the first row. If the spear is not there, you must have opened any of the forbidden chest mentioned earlier.

Remember, this is a one time opportunity only. If you have opened any of the chest mentioned before, you will never get the Zodiac Spear this way.

The other way of getting the Zodiac Spear is extremely difficult and time consuming as you rely on the chances of the Zodiac Spear appears in a chest in Henne Mines. The chest has a 10 percent chance to spawn, a 10 percent chance to contain an item and 10 percent chance to contain the Zodiac Spear. So theoretically, you're facing a 1/1000 chance of getting the Zodiac Spear from the chest.

If you're the unlucky ones to miss the first method, then what you need to do is to defeat 10 espers and complete the Mineflayer hunt. Then speak to the Geomancer in Jahara to have someone open up a secret area in Henne Mines. Get to the Phase 2 Dig area and look for an area not shown on the map. The chest can either be there or not. If it's there, equip diamond armlet before you open it to be able to get the Zodiac Spear.

It is obvious that opting for the first method is much quicker and easier. If you're into perfection and love to collect all the weapons in the game, then obtaining Zodiac Spear is a must. Killing all enemies can never be easier with this weapon around. Good luck in obtaining this excellent equipment and enjoy the game as never before.
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Why Playstations Are Popular

PlayStations are one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market today. There are several reasons as follows. 

The best reason is the graphics. Play with some of the graphics, the best on the market that are capable of rending 360,000 images per second, which makes any image quickly and rapidly, making it ideal for playing any game you can play with it either. jewels from the safe, sniping a villain, or slamming them to the floor image is beautiful and is one of the best in the industry?

Controller are responsive and easy to learn to control some of the best design in the gaming industry. Although the game itself may have some ridiculous, Playstation's controller is allowed to any player that can handle up to four controllers with appropriate hardware, Playstation, and can be stored at ease.

Playstation console that includes a built-in DVD player. This allows the owner the ability to watch cartoons and play games based on the cartoon on the same piece of equipment; A great improvement in the console. Of course, it is the players who work hard - which has all the features you expect from a DVD player, The system has a weakness, a DVD player will not have to be repaired after a short time. In addition, there are only two spaces for the controllers, but the memory card can store more games and other games and a variety of games with second-rate uncertainty. With the game being kidded, and to show off the Xbox, Playstation industry appears to be a personal favorite. You can find games for any kind of assessment, you may find it a fighting game standards, jumpers and platform scrollers side as well as some games that are not true (eg Cubivore, the game's evolution model, in theory, actually. ) There are some games that is updated, the game is a collection of other games from the past year. It's not just the best games of today. However the best games of yesteryear, Playstation is a game for anyone who has a strong line of educational games and other games that are illegal for other people.

PlayStation is one of the best consoles ever designed. The console can hold a group of spellbound for hours and may take more than a gaming system. There's a lot to be said about the console that can allow even the youngest children. A variety of entertainment options, including educational games and Disney DVDs. The console is great for a good time.
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Wii Games Information For Childrens

Now, a variety of Wii games are in the market, which are determined by game title, the Japanese, European and North American release dates. Consumers should know that the Nintendo Wii game console to market video games too. Consumers should know that the concept of games for Wii, video games, a strategy includes the movement challenging year. In addition, these games do not include the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console and WiiWare Releases on the market in many countries. Today, Wii games are very interesting and adventourous that is popular among users, especially among the younger generations. In addition, these Wii games, like many other games, such as PC games and online games includes important features such as Wii fit video game , Wii, the Wii controller to play, suitable to unlock additional exercises op.

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