Wii Sports Hint - Bowling

Unlock Wii Sports bowling ball special.- You will need to achieve professional bowling game.

Wii Sports Tips - Strike obstacles.

"Power Throws" training game in bowling, to the left or right untilthe red stripes in the direction of your choice in the line of bowling. It may not always work, especially with a large number of pins. However, this almost always allows you to intervene. Feelfree to experiment with different numbers of red bars across thebowling line three four almost always work for me.

Wii Sports Tips - Strike 91.

The "power throws" training game for bowling, you can 2 red button is at the end of the chute - left and right when you reach thelast bowl for 91 pins, you can bowl the ball. On one side of the wall and press the button. Move your Mii all the left or right to aim for 2 or 3 clicks on the barrier. He dropped the ball at the highest point possible with a spin for the ball to take a risk. If successful, there will be a snap, like the screen shake andheard all the pins fall.

Wii Sports Bowling Ball Color Change
You can select your bowling ball color before you bowl by using the directional pad. When you reach the screen warning, 'Make sure nothing is around you', hit A button and hold the D-pad (until the alley UI appears) to choose your color: UP = blue LEFT = red DOWN = green RIGHT = yellow

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