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Xbox 360 Rock Band Drum Set

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Product Features

  • Captures the fresh energy, physicality, and absolute enjoyment of true drumming.
  • An amazing foot pedal that appears like the level of resistance and speed of a actual kick drum pedal.
  • Huge round pads which you can acquire a bashing.
  • Designed the joypad for the buttons and track pad for easy manage of menus and other UI.
  • Play live by real drum sticks

Xbox 360 Rock Band Drum Set Description

The Rock Band usually takes the Guitar Hero concept and extends it by adding roles for bass, drums and vocals for adding an enjoyable experience, these are your only option because there aren't any third-party drum sets on the market. The equipment includes four drum pads, pair of (actual-size, wood) drumsticks, a kick drum pedal, headset plug-in and adjustable stand. Xbox 360 Rock Band Drum Set installation is very easy, getting a short time in spite of the Lego-esque, pictures-only recommendations. The system is adjustable to fit anyone's height from kids to tall adults. There are two main gripes about how the drum set functions for the duration of game play.

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  1. Buying online is difficult cos we haven't seen the materials that the product is made of. Before buying we should consider many things. We have to make sure that it is good and we can trust the seller.



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