Mario Sonic London 2012 Olympics

Mario & Sonic London 2012 Olympic Games is a Sports-Party game pre-specified at the  London 2012 Summer Olympic games and featuring a variety of characters from both the Nintendo and Sonic game universes who compete in a variety of sports activities. Special for Wii console play, the game carries on the fun of the Mario & Sonic Olympic game series with additional new real-world events, "Dream Games" offering extended Arcade style gaming alternatives, the exclusive head-to-head multiplayer London Party Mode, along with more all against the iconic background of real London city venues.

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Product Features

  • Take on the team of Dr. Eggman and Bowser in an all new exciting adventure.
  • Get the fun of the Olympic Games to the roads of London as the city becomes the ultimate playground!
  • Perform like the full cast of characters in a completely dip single player Story Mode.
  • Get part in a wide array of mini-games all over a variety of famous landmarks with all your beloved characters in the London Party mode.
  • Multi-player entertaining in a wide range of sport activities and even all-new real-world Summer Olympic events and Arcade style Dream Games.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics Description:

This games is an all new festivity of the Olympic spirit hosted within the truly iconic setting of London and providing even more multiplayer fun and enjoyment to friends and families in all places. London Party Mode fixed in the streets of London the special "London Party Mode" built into Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games allows up to 4 players can take part in a party game that leads to a different layer of fun to the game.

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