Nintendo Universal Transporter Carrying Case

DSi/DS Lite Nintendo Universal transporter make you have a good times with close friend, this Carrying Case functionality of the Nintendo DS that is two rooms prepare for battle head towards finding a room to suit you. 2 Nintendo 3DS, besides the system of Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL and the Nintendo DS Lite, in addition to a maximum of 20 cards, and accessories. Would be nice to know that you can maintain a list of facilities, printed on the local programming of all, it is besides infinity, the icon of the phone seems to be the organization of the storage space of all access is included. I tend to use a removable shoulder strap and comfortable to carry all the gear game.

Product Features

- Sturdy nylon bag with shoulder strap stores, Available in Black, Pink, Cobalt Blue and Teal.
- Two zippered rooms supply easy access to extra storage space for accessories.
- Supports up to 2 Nintendo DSi or DS Lite systems and 20 game cards
- Packages and carries essential game gear.

Product Description
Carry multiple systems and more with the protection of international organizations transporter this Nintendo DS Lite & DSi, and storage in a slim carrying case that can be accessed. In the game on more than one system, to store up to 20 games accessories, extra, easy access zipper two! Handy print icon shows that store each essential item in the box. A convenient shoulder strap provides a portable. Is organized, in the car in the air, get ready to play at home and traveling with Nintendo Universal Transporter Carrying Case.

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Nintendo 3DS Transporter Case

Nintendo 3DS Transporter Case was an attractive and available durable closure flap to secure your Nintendo can keep it with you anywhere. There is a many slot to store Nintendo 3DS Game Cards. In addition, it is suitable for every Nintendo DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL systems.

his Transporter Case for the Nintendo 3DS system is features an interesting durable included flap closure and external zippered pocket for accessories. Also provide carrying handle ideal to bring your system with you regardless where you're going. Inside of Transporter Case, there are a lot of room to store Nintendo 3DS Game Cards up to 40 items as well as your Nintendo 3DS system.  3DS Transporter Case  Transporter Case suitable with all Nintendo DS series as Lite, DSi and  Nintendo DS  systems.

Product Features
- Case maintains your Nintendo 3DS system.
- Carrying handle for easy transport.
- Stores up to 40 Nintendo 3DS Game Cards along with accessories.
- Suitable for any Nintendo DS Lite systems, Nintendo DSi as well as Nintendo DSi XL .
- Nintendo 3DS games, system, and accessories sold separately.

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Sony PS3 Super Slim Version.

Sony launched the PS3  Super Slim version at Tokyo Game Show.

We have seen the evolution of the PlayStation 3 version since it last until the Slim PS3, Sony is preparing to reach the super slim shake off the market soon.

Sony launched its PlayStation 3 console version is thinner and lighter than the day before the Tokyo Game Show on the PS3 to see some of the oval design, but with a larger capacity hard drive size. There are two dimensions which is the 250GB version cost 269 USD. Which will be released in the U.S. on September 25 in the first set will feature. The machine and equipment to Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Game of the Year version. And download content for the game, Dust 514 and the 500GB model price of U.S. $ 299. That will be available on October 30 with the release of the trailer for the game Assassin's Creed III, with Super Slim PS3 version. Is 20 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter from the previous version. According to the official data. It weighs in at 1.1 pounds and is the size. 11.4x2.36x9.05 inch HDD slot, the slot is not used. A sliding panel replaced it at the top. And energy reduction from 200W to 190W in other regions. You can buy this new game. From September 28 onwards. And added a 12GB flash hard drive in White. Will be released in Japan. Around the end of November. Unfortunately there is no news that will be released outside Japan, with a white version.

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iPhone 5 Launch On September

iPhone 5  Launch on this September, 21. Is expected to launch a new version of the iPhone when Apple last night. It has similar specs to come out earlier. The screen is 4 inches high, dock connector to be smaller. And switching to high-performance processing chip that provides a faster A6. Will be released in the first nine countries this Friday, September 21 and is open to pre-booked in this Friday. Through distributors. The official web site of the agency.

By yesterday. Apple has launched the 'iPhone 5' to the top of the thinnest smartphones on the market. IPhone and lightest among all available. The screen display retina higher than a 4-inch handle high speed network 4G LTE by the external features of the iPhone 5 has been designed to look like aluminum platinum 'Uni - Body. 'trim and glass are embedded into the touch. It has a design that is 18 percent thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4 S to 20 percent cut to the thickness of the iPhone 5 will have a smaller dock connector as well. The apple has a dock connector 9 - pin the smaller is the 'Lightning' and adapters for connecting to legacy equipment with dock connector size 30 - pin for details on the show. This new result on the screen. The ratios change slightly to 1136x640 pixels (326 ppi), which will display the image in an old black minister added. The application developed by Apple, all that. Has been modified to accommodate the new screen is completed. Which gives rise to a larger screen. Rather than to the wider it. Apple has argued that With the same width. It allows users to operate the device with one hand, as they always have. Used by the processor. Can be modified to use the A6 processor chip that provides better performance for both graphics and CPU. The faster processor A5 to 2 times that of the A6 will be able to open pages faster than 2 times, taking pictures from iPhoto earlier than 1.7 times, the application tracks faster than 1.9 times. You can view attachments in Keynote 1.7 times faster than in the camera. Even with the same resolution, 8-megapixel camera can capture images up to 40 percent faster than the original and a panorama mode. At a resolution of up to 28 million pixels for the salons. The price of the iPhone 4 S will be three capacities including 16GB, 32GB and 64GB (199, 299 and 399 dollars, respectively), which will be available to pre-order this coming Friday. First released on September 21 in the first nine in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore, and to expand to another 22 countries on 28 September for some countries. I have to wait a little longer.

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Apple iOS 6 update

The good news for fans of Apple's iOS 6 update on 19 September this

This will launch a new iPhone to go. Apple also announced the news of the latest version of the mobile operating system, iOS 6 will improve the performance of the map, the voice assistant Siri and other official will be downloaded. For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is on September 19 this coming.

By Apple will release the next version of the operating system iOS devices iOS 6 on the 19th September for devices iOS old through an update over-the-air or via iTunes, but for the iPhone 5 to be. the market on September 21, it comes in as the operating system iOS 6 operating system iOS 6 will be a significant improvement is the application of the new map. Which is represented on the map with the old canceled Google also has audio or program assistant Siri to open apps via voice commands as well. Was also compatible with the iPod touch 5 to be released in Chennai recently, too. Another notable change is. The ability to chat via Facetime video on the 3G network restriction through Wi-Fi, as well as before. And other new features over 200 items, including integration with Facebook, the option to accept the call to become more and more apps Passbook for storing boarding passes, movie tickets and more will. a response that is faster than the old version of operating systems. IOS 6 operating system are compatible with the iPhone 4 S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G S, New iPad, iPad 2 and iPod touch 4th Generation.

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Nintendo TVii

The new entertainment center is born. With most of the capabilities of the latest Entertainment News Nintendo Nintendo TVii to be incorporated into the Wii U console by launching a second version in November.

By yesterday. New Nintendo has announced a release date. For game console Wii U in the United States, will be released officially on the 18th of November, which set the white version of the "Basic" is the GamePad and the Wii U and the memory capacity of 8 GB in selling price. 300 USD.

While set black edition "deluxe" will feature GamePad and Wii U and memory capacity 32 GB, charger, tripod and Nintendo Land (Mini-games 12 games for the GamePad. and allowed to play with the same 5 people) will be priced at. 350 USD by Wii U will have an entertainment center that is called Nintendo TVii that offers the ability to watch videos from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon can also view live TV from the. Your cable provider also. All information will be included in a menu. You can search through the GamePad screen displays all of the options without having to jump back and forth between an application and a menu for each service. It also allows you to record on TiVo DVR with the Nintendo TVii also offers social experience. You can leave a comment about what you are watching. Or see what your friends comments in real time ever. This is one of the new Nintendo tried to do what Google TV can not do that. For the gamers the raw fish. The Wii U will be exposed to this on 8 December at a price set at 26,250 and 31,500 yen for the white and black, respectively.
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PS3 vs Xbox 360

PS3 vs Xbox 360: Just a matter of taste

Both game console have advantages and their disadvantages, but both systems give you an experience of high quality games, it really depends on personal preference for each user to determine which is better.

Despite being a fan of video games may not know the authentication key price is the biggest factor in today's economy, it is very important. PS3 typically costs $ 399 for 80 GB version and $ 499 for the 160GB version exceed $ 100 for the extra space is just as if you really need all this room and really, you can buy big more external hard drives and set up at least $ 100. Xbox 360 system is significantly cheaper than $ 299 for 60GB and $ 399 for 120 GB light enough to change the real problem is never. While price is clearly an objective criteria and is equivalent to the cheapest Xbox, the performance is somewhat subjective. Technically, the Xbox 360 GPU has more power, unlike the Playstation 3. However, if you prefer a graphical interface for moving motion PS3 controller for cheap, then it is not the importance of this type can be more powerful. What some experts say will be the PS3 has more potential. Xbox may have reached its limits when it comes to graphics and design, however, the PlayStation 3 actually has room to grow.

Again, the specifications cannot be imported for personal preference. In 2007, the game is made by a third party client work much better on Xbox 360 Elite than PlayStation 3 . The graphics are much lower quality, even objectively speaking, for ps3 controller traffic. In recent years this trend has improved slightly. Some games look almost identical on the basis that point, however, the most powerful on the Xbox 360 will not make a profit, especially when you are looking for games that are designed to develop on multiple-use platform. While no new games are always needed to get rid of bugs, Playstation 3 games usually come with bugs that the increase in the Xbox 360 Elite. The patches are likely to be available, but it might get bored with the users who buy a game that does not work quite right and need to wait for a patch is found and installed. One could argue that console games really like the game you can use it. In the past, Xbox 360 games always have more and better for users. Perhaps that is the basis therefore, it has been shown previously that for game development. Now, the PS3 is catching up. Both consoles offer users while using the option to play online against others.  The general consensus is the online experience when using the Xbox superior to analog sticks on the PS3 controller. The reason that reason, or perhaps as a consequence, the fact is unless you find PS3 games will find few people playing online at any given time. There is an online community of players is greater than 360 activities. Depending on your preference information, you really cannot go wrong with the PS3 or Xbox 360. Or are you will definitely provide an interesting strategy to spend more on a rainy afternoon.
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