Nintendo TVii

The new entertainment center is born. With most of the capabilities of the latest Entertainment News Nintendo Nintendo TVii to be incorporated into the Wii U console by launching a second version in November.

By yesterday. New Nintendo has announced a release date. For game console Wii U in the United States, will be released officially on the 18th of November, which set the white version of the "Basic" is the GamePad and the Wii U and the memory capacity of 8 GB in selling price. 300 USD.

While set black edition "deluxe" will feature GamePad and Wii U and memory capacity 32 GB, charger, tripod and Nintendo Land (Mini-games 12 games for the GamePad. and allowed to play with the same 5 people) will be priced at. 350 USD by Wii U will have an entertainment center that is called Nintendo TVii that offers the ability to watch videos from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon can also view live TV from the. Your cable provider also. All information will be included in a menu. You can search through the GamePad screen displays all of the options without having to jump back and forth between an application and a menu for each service. It also allows you to record on TiVo DVR with the Nintendo TVii also offers social experience. You can leave a comment about what you are watching. Or see what your friends comments in real time ever. This is one of the new Nintendo tried to do what Google TV can not do that. For the gamers the raw fish. The Wii U will be exposed to this on 8 December at a price set at 26,250 and 31,500 yen for the white and black, respectively.

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