Rumored Xbox 720 Come With Kinect 2.0 And Blu-ray Drives.

British gaming magazine Xbox World was published. Console version of the Microsoft. Or to be called Xbox 720 will come with a fatter size. And impressive improvements.

Information about the player's next generation console, Microsoft fell out last. Which was revealed by gaming magazine Xbox World Edition Microsoft Xbox 720 will launch a new version of Kinect, Blu-ray drive and HDMI A / V receiver for watching and recording TV broadcasts. The first on Xbox 720 to introduce Kinect 2.0 by Microsoft to disclose to the public that with the next version of Kinect that is associated with the Xbox, which of the companies that come out in June indicated that the Kinect. The new calculation is more accurate, has more stereo, voice recognition system better. And the ability to track all four players were at the same time. For Blu-ray drive. Be part of the package for the addition of other features will include sound, input - output data. For watching and recording TV shows and "innovative controls" (Detail from White House game ComputerAndVideoGames.com (CVG)) in February since Xbox World also reported having to reboot the controller design. That may come with touch screen with HD.

Source : CNET

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