Choose DualShock 3 Controller Tips

This post will introduce the game devices DualShock-3 Controller, for those who want to own new DUALSHOCK 3, the vibration latest PS3, you will understand this is a version of the SIXAXIS and coexistence DUALSHOCK is that players can. coping. Buy the latest version of the DUALSHOCK 3 PS3 controller that changes the character and development? We will provide a comprehensive assessment for everyone.

One, choose color
This time, the DUALSHOCK offers almost all players to select colors 2, 1 white, 1 for the traditional black. Black dress with the sale 20GB 60GB 80GB previous version of the PS3, and the handle fits the sale white may be the last version of the PS3 40 GB, of course, as long as the players like it, you are able to choose Handle according to their personal preferences.

Two, choose the look
A quick glance, the appearance of the new DualShock 3 is almost exactly the same as the original SIXAXIS. But when you look closely will find DUALSHOCK 3 SIXAXIS for appearance rather than more often, and the material chosen must be focused on a plot. The entire material has a different recycleables SIXAXIS without SIXAXIS kind of clarity, it gives a sense of accomplishment, the estimate is the result of two motors to participate to save the series eye SONY DUALSHOCK manage the model, therefore, thrown in towel clarity SIXAXIS .

Three, choose the practical sense

A total of 6 previous demo of the game, in general, the DualShock 3 controller Sony for older games may be very reluctant to support basic, perhaps because once the game design is not considered to join the shock factor, only six games. "Ratchet & Clank" was almost vibration, another is not supported. So in the old games, the duo SHOCK 3 supported less satisfactory.

Many new games allow for vibration, shock, speaking from experience, DualShock 3 vibration is subtle, but well suited to the type of sense of vibration around not the first time the PS2 DUALSHOCK 2 for grabs in the game a fighting game, in able to handle the type of shock feeling down. Now DUALSHOCK 3 is as much a matched game, players in the game, when the personal experience of the type of institution. As a result, the support of the new game is activated, DUALSHOCK 3 completely satisfactory.

Overall, not the game Accessories DualShock 3 controller log disappointed, tension, a feeling of sports nearby, meaning dense substance, everything will be pulled players experience DUALSHOCK series of a new era of operation. PS3 players have no reason to reject this way of seeing the sport.

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